Refs & NSOs

The Sintral Valley Derby Girls appreciate their volunteers! We couldn’t do what we do without our refs and NSOs. Whether your skate or not, we could use you. We train our referees every Tuesday and Thursday night from 6:30pm – 8:30pm in Turlock at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds BLDG E-1. Refs train hard because they need to keep up with the derby girls on skates and navigate quickly and safely inside and outside the track. Refs do not pay dues, or pay to get into bouts.

NSOs (non-skating officials) keep track of penalties, the score, time the jams, and perform other important duties at bouts. We offer NSO training frequently throughout the year. NSOs do not pay dues, or pay to get into bouts. Anybody can learn to NSO! Contact us for more information about NSO training.

Pollyramma #86

Date Joined: 1-5-16

SVDG Debut: 4-29-18

Gear: Triple 8, Atom Gear

Profession: Senior Administrative Assistant

How Did you get involved in Roller Derby? I was interested since I was a kid, found out there was a team that practices around the corner from my work….went to check it out one night!

How did you choose your skate name? In my grownup life, I have to maintain a sweet and accommodating persona – very “Pollyanna” if you will. Pollyramma is her evil twin. 😉

Pre-Derby Sport background: High school softball, mom of two boys.

Off Skates work out: Yoga, walking and swimming in the summer.

Favorite Derby Moment: The very first time I stepped into the building to watch practice.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: After the 2018 C Squads Tournament was over, hugging Sid and her saying “see, I told you that you could do it!”

Derby Hero: Each one of my teammates!

Pre-Bout Ritual: It’s all about Bout Production, baby!

Derby Wife/ Derby Best Friend: Muther Clucker (Michelle Pace)


Joined SVDG: 2-14-10

Profession: Bartender at a poolhall.

How Did you get involved in Roller Derby? My best friend was one of the original skaters on the the team when it initially formed.

How did you choose your derby name? The teams founder, Pretti Wicked, gave me my derby name and it just kinda stuck

Pre-Derby Sport background: One year of organized baseball, but otherwise just huge sports fan in general.

Off Skates work out: Ha Ha You’re funny.

Favorite Derby Moment: A close tie between being asking to be the tournament head NSO for USARS Nationals in Philly a few years ago and the team asking me to join the coaching staff.

Derby Hero: My favorite player in the world to watch play is Miss Tea Maven of Gotham.

Pre-Bout Ritual: On every home bout day, I have to listen to “This Fire Burns” by Killswitch Engage.

Derby Wife/ Derby Best Friend: Don’t have one, just 300 or so sisters and brothers.



How Did you get involved in Roller Derby?

How did you choose your skate name?

Pre-Derby Sport background: